Invited Speakers

Persi Diaconis, Stanford
Matthias Seeger, EPFL
Ben Calderhead, UCL
Jacek Gondzio, Edinburgh


Accepted Papers


Philipp Hennig, Tübingen
John Cunningham, Wash U
Michael Osborne, Oxford

we are grateful for financial support from the PASCAL2 network.

Call for Contributions

We invite contribution of recent results in the development and analysis of numerical analysis methods based on probability theory. This includes, but is not limited to the areas of optimization, sampling, linear algebra, quadrature and the solution of differential equations.

Authors should send an extended abstract of no more than 4 pages, excluding references, in NIPS formatting, to

To allow for double-blind review, we ask authors to leave out all identifying information, in particular their names and affiliations, from their submission. Detailed information on how to ensure double blindness can be found on the NIPS website (heading 4), we ask authors to adhere to the principles described therein.

After acceptance, authors will have the option to submit a full-length paper. Papers will be published on this website, which can be considered non-archival.

Important Dates: