Invited Speakers

Persi Diaconis, Stanford
Matthias Seeger, EPFL
Ben Calderhead, UCL
Jacek Gondzio, Edinburgh


Accepted Papers


Philipp Hennig, Tübingen
John Cunningham, Wash U
Michael Osborne, Oxford

we are grateful for financial support from the PASCAL2 network.

Workshop Schedule

The following is a tentative schedule, subject to changes after feedback from the speakers.

07:30Introduction by the Organizers
07:40Invited Talk: Matthias Seeger
08:10Invited Talk: Jacek Gondzio
08:50Coffee Break
09:30Talk by David Duvenaud
10:00Spotlights of Poster Presentations
10:10Poster Session and Open Discussion
10:30End of Morning Session

16:00Invited Talk: Persi Diaconis
16:45Invited Talk: Ben Calderhead
17:15Coffee Break
18:00Talk by Philipp Hennig
18:30Panel Discussion and Concluding Remarks, hosted by John Cunningham
19:00Workshop Ends

Speaker Changes

Unfortunately, both Mark Girolami and Ulrich Paquet have had to cancel their appearance at the workshop. We are grateful to Ben Calderhead for his kind offer to speak in place of Mark.