class probnum.statespace.Integrator(ordint, spatialdim)

Bases: object

An integrator is a special kind of SDE, where the \(i\) th coordinate models the \(i\) th derivative.

Methods Summary


Projection matrix to \(i\) th coordinates.

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Projection matrix to \(i\) th coordinates.

Computes the matrix

\[H_i = \left[ I_d \otimes e_i \right] P^{-1},\]

where \(e_i\) is the \(i\) th unit vector, that projects to the \(i\) th coordinate of a vector. If the ODE is multidimensional, it projects to each of the \(i\) th coordinates of each ODE dimension.


coord (int) – Coordinate index \(i\) which to project to. Expected to be in range \(0 \leq i \leq q + 1\).


Projection matrix \(H_i\).

Return type

np.ndarray, shape=(d, d*(q+1))