Source code for probnum.utils.randomutils

"""Utility functions for random objects."""

import copy
from typing import Union

import numpy as np

[docs]def derive_random_seed(*rngs: Union[np.random.RandomState, np.random.Generator]) -> int: """Derive a new random seed from a set of random number generator(s). Draws a single integer sample from each generator and combines them via a "bitwise exclusive or" (XOR) operation into a common seed. Note that in other frameworks this function is also used to combine hashes. Parameters ---------- rngs Random number generators. """ def _sample(rng: Union[np.random.RandomState, np.random.Generator]) -> int: if isinstance(rng, np.random.RandomState): return copy.copy(rng).randint(0, 2 ** 32, size=None, dtype=int) elif isinstance(rng, np.random.Generator): return copy.copy(rng).integers( 0, 2 ** 32, size=None, dtype=int, endpoint=False ) else: raise ValueError("Unsupported type of random number generator") seed = _sample(rngs[0]) for i in range(1, len(rngs)): seed = seed ^ _sample(rngs[i]) return seed