probnum.problems.zoo.filtsmooth.logistic_ode(y0=None, timespan=(0.0, 2.0), step=0.1, params=(6.0, 1.0), initrv=None, evlvar=None, ek0_or_ek1=1, order=3, forward_implementation='classic', backward_implementation='classic')[source]

Filtering/smoothing setup for a probabilistic ODE solver for the logistic ODE.

This state space model assumes an integrated Brownian motion prior on the dynamics and constructs the ODE likelihood based on the vector field defining the logistic ODE.


  • regression_problemRegressionProblem object with time points and zero-observations.

  • statespace_components – Dictionary containing

    • dynamics model

    • measurement model

    • initial random variable

    • The initial value problem based on the logistic ODE.